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  • Sale! Contender Cornhole Bag



    Contender Cornhole Bag

    If you wish to be the number one contender you need ACO approved Contender Bag. With the Contander’s speed of 4-5, and fast side speed of 8, you achieve the ability to blaze the bag into the hole with brute pushing power. But you can also glide it into the hole slowly with a medium speed on the slow side. Have no fear of bouncing or grabbing as this bag gives you consistency and control. Truly a classic for scoring, you will find it a vital asset to your collection – with durability and longevity that serves you well. Pick one up today if you aspire to take your game to the next level.

  • Sale! Xlevel Trainer Fade Cornhole Bag

    XLevel Trainer – ACO Stamped


    Xlevel Trainer Fade Cornhole Bag

    Adapt and achieve during slower conditions with the Trainer. A slow side speed of 3-4 helps with blocking, while the fast side speed of 6 circumvents any blocking attempt you’ll encounter. With the Trainer, you achieve the ultimate ability to stay on the board and dominate in a variety of scenarios. The Xlevel Trainer Fade Cornhole Bag is easy to hold in the hand, and you will find it fills your grip with ease. This is the necessary addition for professionals that prefer a slower bag without compromising control; find opportunities for flop shots, blocking, rolling and even cutting! Controlled slides and dynamic throws are in your future when you opt for the Trainer.